ZiaxPhone: A VoIP Telephony client based on IAX protocol

Updated :

   07.May.2004 Alpha V08 Version :
          Add audio setting menue. Some Zaurus ROM Versions
          (Sharp V3, C700, OpenZaurus) use a different audio device :          
          Sharp Zaurus V2.3.8 use /dev/dsp for output and /dev/dsp1 for input.
          C7x0 use /dev/dsp for input and output.
          Fix ipk package name (typo).

   19.April.2004 Alpha V06 Version :
          Add multi PBX supported (or other not registerd phone connections)
          Use the /bin/sh in the zrun wrapper script for OZ3.3.5 support.

   26.March.2004 Alpha V01 Version :
          first publish

ZiaxPhone is a Voice over IP (VoIP) Telephone client for the Zaurus PDA.
The application is distributed as a freeware for personal use without any warranty for you own risk.
It is based on the IAXClient library and run on the original Sharp ROM Version 2.38d with Qtopia V1.5.0 or OZ3.3.5.

The IAX protocol is the signal and transport protocol for the Asterisk Software PBX. IAX is simple, lightweight nature gives it several advantages, particularly in that it can operate easily through NAT and packet firewall.

Sreenshot :

Status :

ZiaxPhone is in Alpha status, you are able to call a Asterisk PBX and access all Phones (or the Mailbox) which are register there.
You are also able to call other IAX clients direct (e.q. two ziaxPhone).

Features :
Missing features :
Known Problems:

Download/Installation :
For running the ZiaxPhone application choosing the Application tab and tapping on the ziaxPhone icon.
The first time startup take about 1 min. because ziaxPhone create some audio files for ringing in the /home/root directory.

This is the installed file list :

Some time the software deintallation didn't work correct. In this case run the script /home/root/usr/lib/ipkg/info/ziaxPhone.postrm

Asterisk Configuration :

To be able to register ziaxPhone to Asterisk you need to change your configuration on Asterisk.
Add this lines to /etc/asterisk/iax.conf :


Add this line to /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf :
exten => 5555,1,Dial(iax2/zaurus, 15) ; Ring the interface, 15 seconds maximum
exten => 5555,2,Voicemail(u1234) ; If unavailable, send to voicemail
exten => 5555,3,Hangup

And reload or restart asterisk.

Now start ziaxphone and setup a user zaurus with password secret and CallID 5555 (Options->Setting).

For developer : If you like to build your one RISC based IAX client, you need this patch because the IAX protocol is not word align. iax2-parser.patch is a patch file for iaxclient/lib/libiax2/src/iax2-parser.c

This Software is as is and is without any warranties.

Have Fun and let me know your experience


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