How to print the Zaurus PDA XML Address Book, ToDo- and Calendar Entry

Updated : 20.Dec.2003

All data from the Zaurus applications are stored in XML files (ROM Version 2.36 XML, The new 3.1 version us a binary format).

This fact make it easy to convert them into a PDF file and print them out. All you need is the right XSL file and the tool FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) from Apache.

The new Version separates the addresses with the first letter of the family name if this changes (see Example). This make it more readable.
For this reason you need the Java class charholder.jar.
If you don't like the new format, the old version is still available (zaurusAddress_fo_v1.xsl).

Step by step description :

Example :

Example of the Addressbook output : addr_example.pdf
Example of the Calendar output    : datebook.pdf

Hints :

The page size in the style sheet is for European A4 standard paper. For other format´s please edit them.
If FOP has problems to display the address book. You have to edit the addressbook.xml file. FOP didn't like special chars or if XML tag are longer then one line. If this happens you have to packetize the lines. (The Notes="long notes line" is a good candidate for this error)

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