Familie Kauss

Experience running LINUX on a Laptop

Installing LINUX on a Laptop is some times a puzzle to get the right configuration. For this reason you will find here some configuration I have done :

Compaq Armada 78792

Pentium 266MHZ, 64MB RAM, 4 GB Disk, Serial, Parallel, Sound, CD-ROM, Infard (not working) LCD display 1024x786 16bit color, PCMCIA 3com 3c562

I run Suse Linux 6.3 in this configuration (link SUSE)

X11 1024x786 16bit color, with internal mouse (PS2) and/or external "Logitech Wheel Mouse"   /etc/XF86Config

Kernel Configuration :  /usr/src/linux/.config

If you installe Suse Linux form the CD, it didn't boot form then internal disk.
To fix this boot again from CD and mount the "/" partition and set this parameter in my /etc/rc.config file.
PCMCIA_PCIC_OPTS="irq_list=6,9,10,12,15 poll_interval=100"

Toshiba Portege 300CT

Pentium 166MHz 64MB ram, PCMCIA, Sound, with replicator Floppy drive
LCD display 1024x640

To install LINUX on this machine you need a boot floppy and a floppy device, a  PCMCIA network board. Also a second UNIX machine is needed to share the CD-ROM.
While installing I found out the Suse 6.4 install script try to mount the CD-ROM from different directory's.
Here is a example of my /etc/exports file on the machine with CD-ROM :
/cdrom (ro) *(no_root_squash)
/cdrom/suse (ro) *(no_root_squash)
/cdrom/suse/images (ro) *(no_root_squash)

You need to add this lines to your /etc/exports file and restart the
NFS demon (/etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S17nfsserver restart).

Now boot from floppy and select the install medium NFS and install your LINUX
as wonted.

DELL Inspiron 7500

Pentium 500MHz, 256MB Ram, PCMCIA, Sound, DVD, Ploppy Infared, 20GB disk.

Suse 6.7 install with out any problems on this machine.




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