Heinrich Kauss  

Heinrich Kauss

1935. Born into a familiy of wine growers in the Palatinate.
1955. Studies in Biology at the University of Munich.
1961. PhD, Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Munich.
1965. Habilitation, Lecturer of Botany at the same University.
1971. Full Professor of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
at the University of Kaiserslautern, Biology Department.
2000. Emeritus
2003. Closing of the laboratory.

Extended research stages in Berkeley, USA (1966/67), St. Andrews, UK(1970)
and Toulouse, France (1983) have opened new research directions.

   Fields of experimental work :

       (Numbers refer to the publication list below ; bold numbers indicate reviews)
  1. Identification of organic compounds previously not known to occur in plants
    (5,7,8, 9,16,26, 27,30)

  2. Role of isofloridoside in osmoregulation,related intermediates,enzymes and their regulation.
    (10,11,17, 22,23,25, 28,29,32, 33,36, 38,42,43, 45,48, 54,55,56, 58,60,64, 65,66,68, 69,73,78, 79,86,94, 108)

  3. Enzymatic synthesis of plant cell wall polymers .
    (12,13,14, 15,19,20, 21,24,31, 34)

  4. Lectins and their possible roles in plants.
    (39,40,41, 44,46,49, 50,51,53, 57,59,61, 62,63,67, 70,74,76)

  5. Calcium-dependent regulation of callose synthesis in vivo and in vitro.
    (75,77,80, 81,82,83, 84,85,87, 88,89,90, 91,92,95, 96,97,98, 99,101,103, 104,105,107, 109,112, 122)

  6. Signal transduction during plant-pathogen interaction.
    (98,100,102, 104,105, 106,107,110, 111,113)

  7. Mechanisms of systemic acquired disease resistence.
    (104,114,115, 116,117, 118,119, 120,121,123, 124,127,128, 129,130,131, 132,133)

   Scientific Publications :

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    Isolierung und Identifizierung von Threit.
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    Osmoregulation mit
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